He Died And Came Back To Life 20 Minutes Later. Who He Says He Met In Heaven For A Brief Moment? WOW

Zack Clements was an active and healthy Texan high school student, 17 years in age. A player on his school’s football team, he stunned everyone in his physical education class when he randomly fell to the ground and entered cardiac arrest, a sometimes deadly situation.

He was pronounced dead for approximately 20 minutes before he stunned everyone yet again and came back to life, complete with a pulse. That isn’t even where the strangeness of the story ends either, bizarrely enough.

During the time Zach was thought to be dead, he had visions of a man who had a thick beard. He believed the man to be Jesus. When he recounted the vision of the man to his concerned family, they interpreted what he saw as being a “near death miracle.”

In Zack’s vision, Jesus reassured him that his situation would turn out to be totally fine. He also instructed Zack not to worry at all. Zack said that those words from Jesus made him feel very soothed and relaxed about his entire situation, frightening as it may have seemed initially.

Zack’s father Billy Clements was absolutely blown away when he heard about what his son saw during his short period of “death.” Billy is a firm believer that what happened to his son was a miracle. He states that no other options seem plausible to him.

When Zack was asked whether or not he believed that this unusual experience would enhance his faith, he stated that it indeed would.

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