He Cheats on His Wife With Young Secretary – So She Plants Revenge Everywhere Before Moving Out

He Cheats on His Wife With Young Secretary – So She Plants Revenge Everywhere Before Moving Out

Being cheated on by a spouse is degrading and hurtful, but one spurned wife didn’t take her husband’s infidelity lying down. When Jake dropped his wife Edith for a young mistress, Edith scored the ultimate revenge.

Edith’s story is not new; it has been floating around the Internet for years. Yet, it still serves as a great object lesson for those men who might be thinking about seeking greener pastures. Perhaps the story is an urban legend. Who knows? Even so, it makes for entertaining reading. It goes like this.

Long-suffering Edith was married to her husband Jake for 37 years. The fire in their relationship had grown cold, but Edith was still flabbergasted when Jake announced he was leaving her to begin a new life with his young mistress. This was heartbreaking for Edith, and it only got worse. Jake was very successful in his business and the couple owned a multi-million dollar home. Edith was summarily told to move from the home which Jake planned to share with his new love, and she was given three days to pack her belongings and vacate.

Little did Jake and his new honey know that Edith had a big surprise in store for them.

Edith used the first of her three days to pack. On the second day the movers arrived and took away all her things to a new residence. Finally, the third day rolled around and Edith began to put her master plan into action.

Edith prepared herself a wonderful meal of shrimp and caviar, set the mood with some soft music, and opened a bottle of Chardonnay. Once she had eaten her fill, Edith began to methodically go through the entire house and stuff half-eaten shrimp and caviar into the hollow space of each and every curtain rod. Once this was done, Edith cleaned up after herself and left the home.

Jake and his new lady arrived at the home and all was well for a few days. But then, a horrible smell began to permeate the home. The two of them did everything in their power to clean the house. They swept. They mopped. They used gallons of disinfectant. They even opened the windows to try and air out the mansion. All of their efforts failed and the smell only became worse. At their wits end, the couple even called in exterminators to search for dead rodents and set off canisters of gas.

Eventually, Jake and his mistress had to replace the carpet. Pretty soon, their friends refused to come and visit. Repairmen that were needed for basic repairs refused to work on the home. The ultimate injury was when the maid quit, stating that she could no longer tolerate the smell.

The only solution left was for the couple to move, which they did, but finding a new buyer for the home was impossible. Every time a prospective buyer would come over, the stench would quickly scare them away. The realtor hired to represent the sale resigned.

It was at this point that Edith made an innocuous call to Jake to see how he was doing. Jake related his tale of the stinky home and the distress they were under. Edith remarked that she truly missed the home and made Jake an offer he could not refuse. Edith agreed to reduce the settlement awarded her in the divorce if Jake would return the home to her. Jake agreed with all haste and papers were signed.

A few days later Edith stood watching as Jake and his mistress moved the last of their belongings from the house. The jilted wife was glad to see that her ex-husband was taking everything.

Even the curtain rods!

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