He Carries A Dying Student Out Of Class, Then His Teacher Sends Mom A Shocking Note…

Fifteen year-old Anthony Ruelas is a student who attends an alternative school in Texas. He was recently suspended for something that he should be considered a hero for doing. While he was in class, one of his classmates began having an asthma attack.

The girl coughed, wheezed and gagged for three minutes, and no one tried to help. The teacher did not even help. She told everyone to wait for the nurse to come. Anthony knew that the girl could die within a few minutes, so he picked her up and took her to the school nurse. The girl was able to get the lifesaving medication she needed.

The teacher sent Anthony’s mom and note telling her that her son was suspended for two days. The reason he was suspended was because he walked out of the classroom without his teacher’s permission. Anthony’s mom stated that she was appalled when she got the note.

She did not understand how her son could be disciplined for doing a good deed. She believes that her son should receive rewards and gratitude for his quick thinking. However, Anthony does not mind being suspended for two days. He also stated that he would help his friend again.

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