He Assaults A Homeless Man Outside His Shop. What Happens Just 24 Hours Later Has Me Crying

There is a touching commercial that shows the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. In the video, there is a homeless man that sits by a shop every day. When the owner of the shop catches him, he berates the man and tells him to leave.

The man keeps coming back to the shop, and the owner keeps verbally abusing and cursing at him. The owner even kicks the man and throws water on him. A woman asks the owner why he treats the homeless man so poorly.

The homeless man eventually stops coming to the shock. The owner starts looking for him, and a woman tells him that the man is long gone. The owner then looks at his security camera and sees the extent of the damage that he has done. He realizes how badly he treated the man.

The video catches the homeless man in front of another store. The man is abused by another store owner. The homeless man then starts to abuse other people. One day, the man is approached by two men. One of the men stabs the homeless man and walks off. The homeless man is left there to suffer in agony.

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