Group Of Horses Line Up At The Fence – But Notice What Little Surprise Is Right Below Them…

The miniature horse Pippin became Internet famous when his owners posted a video of him making friend with a herd of horses. Pippin, who lives in Northern California, is 31 inches tall and weighs less than 200 pounds.

Pippin loves to go on hikes with his family, especially when he gets to pull his cart along with him. He seems like a very well-trained, happy, and sweet horse, especially when he gets to meet other horses.

The video begins with a clip of Pippin trotting down the road with cheerful classical music playing in the background. Then, you see a herd of horses who start approaching the road to check him out. As Pippin gets closer, they all approach the fence, and one horse sticks his head over the top of the fence to sniff him. They all seem fascinated by the miniature horse, and Pippin seems to enjoy the attention of his new friends as well.

The full video is about five minutes long and shows the entirety of Pippin’s encounter with the herd of horses. It has been viewed more than a million times since it was posted, and hundreds of people have commented on how adorable the interaction was.

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