Gif: Trump Illustrates the Outcome of James Comey’s Dismissal

Okay, so he didn’t actually draw that. But, it might ring true in a few months time…

The Trump administration loves showing off executive orders. Unfortunately for them, those shots of Trump brandishing his executive orders are pretty much a blank canvas for meme artists and GIF makers. The latest GIF making the rounds shows a poker-faced Trump displaying an artistic rendering of himself behind bars. Artistic rendering is a bit generous. The image is of a stick-figure with a mop of blonde hair and several prison bars. Also, the word prison is spelled incorrectly.

Gif: Trump Illustrates the Outcome of James Comey’s Dismissal
What makes these memes so humorous? Likely the straight-faced president contrasted against childish images. In the GIF he seems so proud of something so inane. The GIF is part mockery, part satire and perhaps just a little bit too close to the partial truth.

The idea that a sitting president could be in collusion with a foreign power is a bit much for anyone to handle. The tension felt by the electorate is need of release, and humor is the safest way to exhale.

The GIF is worthy of a chuckle and a share. Why not? With ongoing investigations into the Russian connection it does seem as if the forty-fifth president’s days in office are numbered. One can’t help but wonder if a President Pence will be as meme-worthy.

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