George Takei Rips Trump Over Sex Tape Allegations – And it is Hysterical

George Takei Rips Trump Over Sex Tape Allegations – And it is Hysterical

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has been filled with scandal, and yet another salacious story has now come to light. While the reports have yet to be proven, President Elect Trump has now been hit with allegations that he paid prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a Russian hotel where President and First Lady Obama had slept.

These rumors drew a response from many people, including George Takei, who played the iconic role of Sulu in “Star Trek” and has more recently become known as one of social media’s most famous activists and humorists.

Takei has made no secret of his disdain and distrust for Donald Trump, and he recently created a petition that draws on his childhood experience in a Japanese internment camp to urge against the creation of a national registry for Muslims. Some of his criticisms of Trump have been very serious, but in this instance, his main purpose seems to have been to have some fun and be snarky. The series of tweets that he released were brief but stinging zingers that used wordplay to poke fun at Trump’s alleged actions.

Takei speculated about whether Trump’s press conference would have a “live stream,” joked about “WikiLeaks” gaining a new meaning, made a jab about “trickle down economics” and noted that Trump has never been one to ignore a “golden opportunity.”

Takei is hardly the only public figure who is cracking bodily function jokes at Trump’s expense, but few others have his combination of influence and panache. It will be fascinating to watch how he continues to respond to Trump as he makes the transition from President Elect to President.

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