Frat Guys Know She Sees Them From Her Hospital Window – So The Take Decisive Action

Lexi Brown is a 7th grader who spends most of her time in the hospital. The 12-year-old is currently battling a cancer that has recently spread to her lungs. While receiving treatment her heart failed and she was airlifted to the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in California. It is there that she made an unlikely friendship.

While Lexi sat bored in her hospital room, her mother decided to liven things up a bit by posting a sign on her window asking for a pizza delivery. Luckily for Lexi, her pizza craving was fulfilled by her neighbors located just across the street. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house made a particularly special pizza delivery, complete with roses and a personal guitar concert.

Lexi’s mother was so overwhelmed by the college fraternity that she was brought to tears. From then on, Lexi and the SAE held a special bond. The guys brought her gifts and came to talk and play cards with her on a regular basis. Once the holidays rolled around the SAE decorated their house with Christmas lights as they do every year. But this time, things would be a little different.

Lexi and her parents took a look out their window one night and saw Lexi’s name in lights. The big letters could be seen plastered across the fraternity’s roof, sparkly brightly in the night. Lexi was finally released from the children’s hospital and allowed to spend the holidays at home. Although she left, the fraternity left her name up for the remainder of the season. A welcoming light in Lexi’s dark world of childhood cancer.

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