Fox News Anchor Tries Embarrassingly To Out-Smart Bill Nye – Fails Epically

Tucker Carlson he has been hosting his show – Tucker Carlson Tonight – on Fox News for a few months. Recently, his show spoiled on air, turning into a failed experiment when he challenged Bill Nye The Science Guy to a scientific debate. Any human being alive today who thinks they can actually win a debate against science with Bill Nye is a is a fool.

Throughout their debate, which lasted just under 10 minutes, Carlson could barely muster a single argument against Bill Nye. Carlson’s best attempt at rebutting The Science Guy involved trying, and failing, to stump Nye regarding the the percentage of humans that are responsible for global climate issues.

To open the segment, Carlson mentioned that Nye desires to become a “leading psychoanalyst” based on his remarks made during a town-hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders:

“The mechanical engineer and TV personality said skeptics of global warming suffer from the psychological delusion of cognitive dissonance.”

As soon as he had the chance to respond, Nye was more than ready, stating, “cognitive dissonance is not a delusion,”. Nye continued that members of the scientific community are searching for an explanation as to why climate change deniers and skeptics are unwilling to accept the significant scientific evidence related to climate change.

Carlson continued the debate by attempting to challenge Nye on the basics of scientific theory by countering that climate change skeptics are simply enforcing science by remaining skeptical.

Nye, obviously unimpressed, had another rapid response at the ready stating, “climate change denial is denial,”. Nye then reaffirmed the overwhelming amount of evidence backing surrounding climate change.

Upon realizing that he was incapable of winning with actual scientific facts, Carlson attempted to push Nye to explain “what percent” of human activity can be blamed for increasing climate change. Calmy, Nye explained, “100 percent”. This statement left Carlson silenced, if only for a few moments.

Interestingly, a number of conservative news sources are declaring Carlson as the winner of the debate. However, considering the fact that most conservative news sources are generally predisposed to the rejection of scientific findings, this declaration should come as no surprise.

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