Fox News Anchor Shep Smith Isn’t Putting Up With Kellyanne Conway’s Lies Anymore

Has Kellyanne Conway finally reached the “alternative facts” tipping point? Does the Senior White House advisor have any shred of credibility left after the last few weeks of outlandish statements? She has, after all, referred to massacres that never happened and suggested Americans are under surveillance by their microwave ovens. It is a surprising shift into falsehoods from a media representative that deftly deflected comments from journalists about Trump’s own lies or spun the statements into something less inflammatory during the campaign. Could she now have gone too far for even right-leaning audiences?

Conway’s comments to The Record of Bergen County, New Jersey about microwaves that turn into cameras did cause her to take a short break from the interview circuit. She returned to explain away her misstatements by discussing the issue with Chris Cuomo on CNN.She double-backed on the comment by saying she did not believe the Trump campaign had been spied on with the help of specially-outfitted microwaves.

This backpedal was not enough for Shepard Smith who announced on his Fox News broadcast that there was no evidence of any wiretapping directed by the Obama administration against the Trump campaign. He continued by stating that his program no longer quotes Conway due to her ridiculous assertions of creative modern spying techniques.

If the Trump administration is seeking some sign of how far is too far, this could be it. If the leading conservative news station in the country no longer has faith in the President’s advisors, how long before they stop believing the manufactured stories (and tweets) from the President himself?

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