Former Marine Suffering From PTSD Writes THIS Scathing Open Letter To Sarah Palin

Former Marine Suffering From PTSD Writes THIS Scathing Open Letter To Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s son, Track, was recently arrested for domestic violence. Her son is a Marine, and she blamed his arrest for beating his girlfriend, on President Obama. That’s right, she claimed that her son’s domestic abuse problems were the result of our president’s actions… Chris Mark, who is a republican and U.S. Marine, recently wrote an open letter to Sarah Palin.

Mark suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and other injuries that he incurred while in combat. In the letter, Mark criticized the way Palin dismissed her son’s domestic violence charges and tried to redirect the blame. Track was involved in a drunken brawl in 2014 where he beat his girlfriend senseless because of his “PTSD”. A condition which he apparently got without ever having seen combat…

Mark stated that Track was trying to uphold the Palin family values by abusing a woman, and he criticized the way Sarah used her personal struggles for political purposes instead of trying to help veterans who really suffer from PTSD. Mark discussed his own struggles with PTSD in detail in the letter, stating that PTSD is a very serious condition, and it is not to be taken lightly. PTSD affects thousands of veterans, and 22 commit suicide every day as the result of it. Additionally, 8,000 veterans commit suicide every year because of PTSD.

Mark also criticized Sarah’s parenting skills. He stated that Sarah should have tried to get her son help instead of coming to her kid’s defense. Maybe its time the ex-Givernor takes responsibility for her own failures and her families shortcomings.

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