Five Cops Struggle With A Rope – Wait Til You See What’s On The Other End!

Five Cops Struggle With A Rope – Wait Til You See What’s On The Other End!

Many police officer across the United States take pride in their job even when that job places them in seriously difficult situations. One of the most important aspects of being a police officer is keeping people safe on the streets and in their homes. However, police officers also like to take time out of their very busy schedules to get to know the people in the neighborhoods that they are protecting.

Police officers will often take part in community events to strengthen their bond with people in the local communities. Sometimes it only takes one act of kindness for a police officer to draw closer to those in their community. This was the case for Officer James Hurst when he helped a little boy who got lost in a local hospital. This one act of kindness drew Officer Hunt and the little boy’s family closer together.

Additionally, a group of police officers from the Denver Police Department recently took some time out of their busy schedules to participate in a fun game of tug of war with a group of children in a Denver neighborhood.

Those who have played in a game of tug of war known just how fun and exciting the game can be. During this particular game of tug of war there were five police officers against a large group of children from the community. Although the police officers were outnumbered they put up a good fight against this happy group of children. The following clip shows that police officers are not always serious and that they like to have fun just like everyone else.

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