Firefighter Pulls Pitbull Family From a Raging House Fire – Weeks Later They Are Reunited…

Firefighters are some modern civil service providers that are about as close as reality gets to superheroes. They put their lives on the line almost every day in order to save those in danger. One night, he Sandusky firefighters were calledt after a home caught on fire. When they arrived on the scene, the house was a raging inferno, almost completely burned down.

They did not know what to expect when they entered the home. Would they find children passed out from too much carbon monoxide? A elderly person stranded and unable to escape? … The firefighters heard cries upon entering the homeand followed the sound to the source. There they found six pit bulls in the house, three of which were puppies and three older dogs. The firefighters managed to get all of the dogs out of the house safely and unharmed for the most part.

A few days after the fire, the dogs were able reunited with the firefighter that had saved their life, and the canines were very excited to see the people who had saved them from the fire. The owner of the home also also expressed his gratitude to the firefighters who saved her dog’s life.

She is trying to find a home for all of the pit bulls, who are currently being cared for in a shelter. The owner of the home was not there when the fire occurred.

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