Fan with Down Syndrome sees Steven Tyler at drug store. Then he invites him to his concert

Don’t you just love a feel good story, especially when it involves a superstar who shows the planet that they are kind and generous?

That is our real life story today and one that can benefit all of us. With the crazy, violent things that occur on a daily basis, it’s really nice to read or hear about stars empowering others and asking for zero in return.

Steve Tyler is our subject; yes, he is the rock God of all performers. Rolling Stone researched and put together a list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. The singers were judged on the highest and lowest notes ever recorded in a music studio. Steven Tyler won fourth place on the list of elite singers. We all know he has a crazy, incredible vocal range.

Steven Tyler’s fans are many based around the globe, and he met an endearing one in a Niagara Falls, Ontario medical supply store while searching for a back brace. The young man was named Anthony Yorfido of Welland, Ontario, and when he spotted Tyler with his mother Diane, he was beside himself. Diane is a cocktail waitress and was in the supply store to pick up a pair of support hose.

It was a wild chance encounter; what are the odds of that happening? Anthony, who has Down’s Syndrome, ran over to hug Steven Tyler. It was a beautiful moment, as Anthony is a huge fan of the rock icon. Then, Steven Tyler provided the mother and son with backstage passes to his concert there that evening. They were blown away at Steven Tyler’s warmth, graciousness and accessibility.

That evening at the concert, Steven Tyler announced Anthony’s name and to come play the maracas on stage to his famous hit, “Sweet Emotion.” It was a golden moment, and people started snapping photos on their cellphones. Steven Tyler kept encouraging Anthony to “Keep going. Keep going,” as Anthony shook the maracas. The crowd was applauding, and Anthony would later ecstatically tell Diane, that this was “the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.”

These are superb moments we all wish we could see more of. Anthony Yorfido was having a blast on stage, sharing a microphone with a rock star legend. Some would say, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

The recorded video went viral, as expected, and to date on YouTube, has been seen by more than 1,454,255 viewers.

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