Famous Dad Attends 4-Year-Old Son’s Funeral. Hours Later, He Gets A STUNNING Letter…

Death of a loved one is often difficult to deal with, but even more difficult when the one in passing is a young child. A month short of twenty-five years ago, Conor Clapton stumbled out of a highrise in New York City. The father, famous rock guitarist Eric Clapton, has used this unfortunate incident as fuel in raising awareness of childproofing homes. Conor’s passing actually pushed Eric Clapton to writing his most popular piece of music in “Tears in Heaven.”

Conor Clapton was born on August 21, 1986, to Eric and his then-partner Lory del Santo. Clapton was so dedicated to his newborn son’s welfare that he kicked his long-lingering booze habit just for baby Conor, too young to understand what addiction even was.

Most addicts do not break habits for children — or anything else, for that matter — so, Eric Clapton’s actions taken to quit were truly equivalent of moving mountains. Eric Clapton was given a letter found by family members after Conor’s death that was written to Eric, his father, after the funeral.

The letter is what moved Eric to write “Tears in Heaven,” which holds true as one of the most popular songs of the 1990s. Receiving a letter in a situation such as Eric and Conor Clapton’s is something that sounds as if it were from a movie, but it actually happened. Remember to hold your loved ones close all the time, without fail.

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