Family Dog Pulls Mom Out Of Her Bath So Her Son’s Life Can Be Saved. What A Hero!

Pit bulls are ferocious, vicious and terrifying monsters that should be avoided at all costs. Or should they? What if we switched that statement to instead say that pit bulls are loving, caring and great family pets that should be rescued from the pet equivalent of death row?

Some people would agree, but some wouldn’t – especially the people who get too wrapped up in the constant scare tactics used by the media to negatively stereotype this breed of man’s best friend. As for the the Daniels family, they’d fall into the first group, especially after the actions of their newly rescued dog.

Recently, the Daniels’ second rescued pit bull Ember did something amazing – she saved their son Tre’s life. When Ember began acting strangely one day, Tracy Daniel new something was wrong. The dog made odd noises and was clearly troubled, forcing Tracy to get up to see what was the matter. After Tracy followed Ember to the other side of the house, she found Tre having a seizure in their bathroom, unable to cry out for help to his parents.

After being abandoned on the streets to being rescued by a loving and caring family, Ember proved her worth and showed that these dogs deserve a second chance. Under the right circumstances, an animal can sometimes do something extraordinary for the people that care for it.

It’s important to consider that the stigma which dominates the image of these breeds may in fact be false, and that with the right family, these dogs can be just as loving and caring as any other. Surely, the Daniels family would agree.

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