Every Saturday His Neighbor Is On the Roof Alone. So He Shares It To Facebook. Then THIS Happened

Completely replacing a roof is certainly not an easy task. Especially not for a senior citizen. However, this didn’t stop 75-year-old Richard Dubiel from doing the roofing work himself after his roof began to cave in a few months ago. Despite the work being very physically challenging, Dubiel seemed determined to do it each day.

This is when his neighbor, David Perez, saw him. He found out that Dubiel was working hard each day to fix his roof and knew that the elderly man could use a lot of help. Perez felt that this isn’t the type of work that his neighbor should be doing by himself.

He wanted to do something to help the senior citizen, but he didn’t have any roofing experience himself. So he posted an appeal on Facebook to see if anybody was willing to help. In his Facebook post, Perez said that it appeared that his neighbor had all the materials and all that he needed was some volunteers to do the labor.

Over a thousand people shared the post and next Saturday, close to forty volunteers answered the call. This was a lot more than Perez expected. The entire job was done by the team in just a few hours. His neighbor was very appreciative of the act of generosity from the community and is happy that he no longer has to work on his roof every weekend.

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