Elderly Man Sits On A Park Bench Every Day All Alone. When I Found Out Why? I Started Crying

Bud Caldwell is an example of legitimate love and dedication. The 82 year-old gentleman’s wife Betty passed away two years ago. Caldwell has dealt with the the significant loss by frequenting a park bench located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, his hometown. This park bench is no everyday park bench, however. It’s dedicated to Betty. Caldwell bought the bench as an homage to the dear women who was his companion for life.

Caldwell has made a point to stop by the bench once every day since Betty has been gone. When he’s at the bench, he holds conversations with Betty. He also gives her a couple of gifts, both of which have significance to her memory. He drops off a daisy, which is a nod to the tune “A Daisy a Day.” He also drops off a penny. The coin is a nod to another tune, “Pennies From Heaven.”

Caldwell is 100 percent devoted to spending time with Betty every day. Nothing discourages him from going to that bench, not even severe weather conditions. When Caldwell was having a difficult time accessing the bench due to excessive snow accumulation, a couple of employees of the park aided him by removing the thick white layers that were getting in his way and preventing him from being with the love of his life.

Because of the kindness of the park employees, Caldwell was able to participate in his daily meeting with Betty. Caldwell’s unwavering commitment to Betty — and the bench — shows the value of romance and pure devotion to another person.

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