Ed Schultz Has The Perfect Reason why you should be supporting Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary

The Presidential debate could get heated as people are trying to determine whether they want Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nod. There are a few reasons as to why Sanders would be better over Clinton, but either one would likely be a good candidate.

Ed Schultz is a man who has made several radio commentaries. He is known for his blunt statements and political views. One of his latest arguments is why Americans should support Sanders instead of Clinton. He wants Americans to know about the new political movements that are being created in the country and why Sanders understands these ways.

This race won’t be about the personality of the people who are running for President. It will be about the issues of the country. Sanders gives answers. He doesn’t like to sugarcoat anything. He understands that people want a real explanation instead of an answer that is given to only satisfy the questions of what people ask.

Clinton satisfies those who she wants to get votes from instead of giving them a knowledgeable answer. Sanders is a man who gets to the bottom of what the country is dealing with in the way of the economy, immigration and the future of the United States.

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