Donald Trump’s Spelling Has Been Bad For As Long As He’s Had Twitter – Here’s The Worst Examles

Although Donald Trump doesn’t have time for press conferences, he’s got plenty of space on his schedule for bizarre Twitter postings. There’s seemingly no limit to what he’s willing to post online. In the past month, the President-Elect has criticized Broadway performers, taunted Russia over nuclear weapons and pretended he’s too cool to hang out with A-list celebrities. He’s made it clear that neither his aides nor his spell check have any influence on what he posts. Here’s a brief look at a few of his biggest misadventures on Twitter.

Without realizing the irony, Trump called Lawrence O’Donnell one of the “dummer people on television.” Apparently Trump has never watched his own reality show or thought about how to spell the word “dumb.”

Trump was mocked for his campaign strategy of holding rallies in many states rather than building ground-level infrastructure. He should have been mocked for his poor skills at basic American geography. In one tweet, he managed to spell the site of his next rally as “Phoneix” rather than “Phoenix.”

Samantha Bee recently pointed out that Donald Trump just doesn’t read. She used video interviews gathered over a series of months to show that the President-Elect has had the same book on his nightstand for quite some time. Former aides and confidantes have also shared with the media that Trump simply isn’t a big reader. That may explain his claim that Ted Cruz would “loose big” in the election.

In another poorly written tweet, The Donald called it a “big shoker!” that the Governor of Iowa wasn’t supporting Ted Cruz. Perhaps there’s something about his rival that makes Donald just forget how to spell.

There’s no word on when Trump will admit that he’s been bought and paid for by Deutsche Bank and the Russian government. However, the internet will always remember when Trump claimed negative ads against him were “bought and payed for” by special interest groups.

Given how much Donald hates President Obama, you’d think he could at least spell the man’s name right. In between accusing him of being a secret Muslim or born outside of the United States, Donald takes the time to hate on “Barrack Obama.” The 44th POTUS probably doesn’t care, but Americans should.

Now that he’s been elected President of the United States by the Electoral College, Donald Trump is going to find his Twitter account under a lot more scrutiny. His reference to China’s seizing of a U.S. Navy sub as “unpresidented” drew lots of attention. Some jokesters even asked if America could be “unpresidented” by Trump. Given the President-Elect’s history, it’s clear that this wasn’t a one-time mistake. Trump has a long history of proving that he doesn’t actually have the right words. Hopefully he’ll start using spell check once he gains control of the @POTUS Twitter account.

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