Donald Trump Won’t be Happy. Americas Prefer Planned Parenthood 2 to 1 Over Trump

Donald Trump Won’t be Happy. Americas Prefer Planned Parenthood 2 to 1 Over Trump

A recent poll has revealed that the American people like the controversial Planned Parenthood organization more than they like politicians. Congress has been divided as to whether or not the government should continue to fund Planned Parenthood, but a poll by NBC/WSJ showed that sixty-one percent of Americans support the group more than any of the Democratic or Republican parties, current presidential candidates and even President Barack Obama.

Forty-seven percent of polling population voted favorably toward Planned Parenthood, while thirty-one percent rated it negatively. However, with a sixteen percent positive net rating, Planned Parenthood was viewed more favorably than any other organization included in the poll.

Sixty-one percent of Americans were against defunding the organization and believe that the American government should continue to support the group. Congress has until October 1st to pass a budget and avoid a federal government shutdown.

Following behind Planned Parenthood in terms of favorability, vice president and potential Democratic candidate Joe Biden received 12 percent positive net rating. Current presidential candidate for the Republican party, business mogul Donald Trump, was ranked the lowest in the poll, with a thirty-three percent negative net rating.

The voters’ opinion of Planned Parenthood appears to be constant, as the percentage is unchanged since an earlier poll in July.

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