Dog Notices Something Awry With Baby, Jumps Out Of Bed To Save…

The Brousseaus adopted a dog six years ago. They did not know that he would re-pay them one day. One night, the dog started to behave strangely. He woke up his owners. Jenna Brousseau knew that something was wrong because the dog was usually well-behaved. Duke, the dog, lead them to the room, that had the couple’s nine week-old daughter in it.

The baby had a seizure, and she was not breathing. Jenna quickly called the ambulance. The paramedics were able to revive the baby, and she survived. Jenna says that if she would have just gone to sleep and ignored the dog, their baby girl would not be alive today. She says that Duke is perfect and was meant to be their dog.

People often like to joke about the loyalty of dogs. Some people will even say that a rescue dog is inferior. However, Duke has proven all of the people who question the loyalty of dogs wrong. He proved that he was very protective of a baby who had only been in his life for two months.

Duke is a lot like Ember. Ember saved the life of a little boy who had a seizure. He alerted the little boy’s mother.

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