Doctors Told Her To Pull The Plug On Her Husband – Instead, She Decides To Take Over

Couple Matthew and Danielle Davis have a unique story to tell. Just two months after dating each other, the couple got married. Only seven months into their marriage, Matt tragically got into a serious motorcycle accident.

After being rushed to the hospital, Matt was left in a coma and on life support. His doctors told Danielle that he only had a 10% chance of surviving the accident. They informed her that it was unlikely that her new husband would ever regain consciousness and they highly recommended that she pull the plug on his life support machine to let him die. Danielle just couldn’t do it.

Instead, Danielle took him home to take care of him. A few months later, to everyone’s surprise, Matt woke out of his coma. Although he was awake, he had lost the majority of his memories. He had no recollection of who Danielle was, let alone remembering marrying her.

Matt was also unable to speak or walk. Slowly Matt regained use of his body. Taking cues from the physical therapist, Danielle had Matt reach out to grab objects. Soon, it was obvious that Matt’s personality was still intact. Barely above a whisper, he asked Danielle to bring him his favorite sandwich from his favorite restaurant. That’s when she knew that things would turn out okay.

A few years have passed and Matt is still on the mend. He is now able to talk, walk, and do many of the things that doctors said he would never do again. Most of all, Matt is thankful each day that Danielle didn’t give up on him, even if he never regained his memories of her. He has gotten to know his wife all over again and is happy that she took the “for better or worse” part of their vows to heart.

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