Doctors Told Her To Euthanize Miniature Horse, But She Didn’t Listen. How He Turned Out? WOW!

A miniature horse named Roozer Brewz was born in Kansas City in 2011. Sadly, this mini steed was born with a number of health issues. Specifically, deformities in all four of his legs, which made it extremely difficult for him to walk. Roo was weak, and he could not even stand up to nurse. Fortunately, he had attentive caregivers who made sure that he was bottle-fed and nurtured.

They wanted to everything that they could to ensure the horse lived as long as possible. A veterinarian told the horse’s owners that it would be best for the horse to just be euthanized. However, Christine would not listen to the veterinarian’s recommendations. She decided that she was going to keep her horse and give him the best life possible.

Roo is still struggling, but he is making progress. He can now walk and run, is one year-old and has come a long way since he was a newborn. Roo’s owners recorded a video of Roo running and playing and  loving life, and they posted it online.

The video has became very popular on YouTube and Facebook. It has received over 664,000 likes on Facebook. It has also received over 272,000 views on YouTube.

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