Doctors Switch 4 Twins At Birth, But They Never Expected THIS To Happen!

Twins who are separated at birth are a common plot theme in books, movies, and television shows. These stories may be rare in real life, but occasionally an accident does occur, and a pair of twins ends up being separated. However uncommon it may be, the true story of some twins in Colombia is even more unusual because it involves two pairs of identical twins.

Over 20 years ago in late December, two couples had a set of identical twins in a hospital in Colombia, South America. One couple was a poor farming family, while the other was an upper middle class family. In all of the confusion at the hospital, one of the twins from each set ended up being switched with each other. Carlos and Jorge went to grow up in the metropolis of Bogota, while William and Wilber went back to live in a small farming village.

All four of the young men grew up thinking they were fraternal twins who looked nothing alike. While Carlos and Jorge got to live in a busy city and get a good education, William and Wilber ended up doing manual labor. One day, a friend of Jorge’s was in a butcher shop, where she saw a young butcher who looked just like Jorge. This young butcher turned out to be William, who was raised as Wilber’s fraternal twins though he was actually Jorge’s identical twin.

The friend alerted the brothers to the situation, and they became suspicious after seeing pictures of each other. After realizing that they all had birthdays around the same time and were born at the same hospital, the four young men realized what had happened. They decided to meet and quickly bonded with each other. A friend filmed their first reunion, and the video shows a heartwarming meeting as the young men look at their identical twins for the first time.

Though the young men are happy to have met their new twin brothers, the story is not entirely happy. Sadly, William will never be able to meet his biological mother, the woman from Bogota, because she has already passed away from cancer. There have also been some tensions, because the twin who should have grown up with the advantages of wealth and education in the city ended up being stuck on a farm. However, all of the young men are thrilled to find out that they have another brother and family, even though they still feel a bond to the family they grew up with.

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