Disabled Rescue Dogs (In Doggie Wheelchairs) Have The Time Of Their Lives Playing Fetch

There are many things in life that people can be thankful for, especially the use of the legs and walking. Gritta Goetz has helped several rescue dogs discover what it feels like to play fetch once again. They can now run through the field like other dogs, but they do so in wheelchairs.

Goetz has a sanctuary in Germany where over 24 dogs are at home. Some of the dogs at the sanctuary are unable to walk. Thanks to a little ingenuity, the dogs can now walk on wheels.

Some people think that being in a wheelchair, especially for a dog, limits the activity that they see each day. The device doesn’t take away anything from the dogs. Instead, it gives them the life that they deserve.

The dogs remind people that it’s important to include others. They might not look like everyone else, but they still deserve to take part in the same activities as those around them. The dogs that only have two legs can now play with the dogs that have four legs.

They appear to be happy and enjoying life, which is what people and animals should do each day instead of worrying about the little things.

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