Daughter Finds Mom Having An Affair – Then The Phone Rings… HILARIOUS!!!

Daughter Finds Mom Having An Affair – Then The Phone Rings… HILARIOUS!!!

John had a few moments to take a break at work, out of the kindness of his heart he decides to call home and check in on his daughter and wife. After few rings his daughter picked up. Happy to hear his daughters voice he asks her how she’s doing. “Great, dad!” She replies. “Great!” John says. “Can I talk to Mommy for a second?”  But his daughter tells him, “Mommy is upstairs with Uncle Paul.”

There was a pause as John thought about that for a moment…

“You don’t have an Uncle Paul, Honey.” But his daughter assured him that Uncle Paul and Mommy went upstairs just a few moments after he’d left. John could feel himself becoming angry, but he was at work, and a long way from home. There was nothing he could do.

“Okay, listen. I want you to put the phone down on the table and run upstairs. Bang on Mommy’s door and tell her that My car just pulled into the driveway.” John told his little girl. Dutifully, she obeyed her father and ran upstairs. A few moments later she was back on the line.

“What happened?” John demanded.

“Well…” his daughter began “Mommy jumped out of bed without any clothes on and started running around screaming until she tripped on your shoes and hit her head on the dresser. Now she isn’t moving at all!” 

HA! Good riddance. John thought. “Oh no!” He said. “And Uncle Paul? What happened to him?”

“He got all scared too, and jumped out the window and into the pool. But I guess he didn’t know you took out all the water to clean it last week.”

John’s heart sinks. There is a long pause.

“A pool? ……… I think I called- Is this 486-5731?”

Of course, it wasn’t. John had dialed the wrong number entirely. He hung up the phone and quietly went back to work. He went home to his family that night and hugged them all very tightly.

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