Crazy Russian Takes Knife To Popcorn Bag In 5 Surprising Ways

Using a microwave to make popcorn has become a tradition in recent decades, with a number of different brands, and flavors of the snack available to consumers. Regardless of what brand one choses, this nearly six-minure video demonstrates five unique ways to knife up a popcorn bag from the Crazy Russian Hacker.

One method shows how to avoid the potential burning of fingers or grease-covered hands. To begin, put the bag on its side and cut near the bottom of the bag. Cut out a rectangle and, the popcorn can then be enjoyed without having to pour it into a bowl, while also avoiding the greasy edges at the top of the bag. The next option is to take a popped bag, which will have a very small opening at the top, shake it over the garbage to sift out and remove any un-popped kernels that may have been inside. An inexpensive way to make microwave popcorn is to use some store-bought unpopped kernels and pour them into a regular brown paper bag. Then, add a stick of butter along with any other seasonings that might be desirable and make sure the bag has a slight opening before then putting it into the microwave.

That latter step prevents the bag from exploding and allows an individual to control what other ingredients are included with the popcorn. A variation of the previous approach is to use a microwave-safe bowl and first put in a stick of butter and any seasonings you desire before then placing a microwave-safe lid on top. The potential exists that the kernels made require two separate efforts in the microwave might be required, depending on the power of the equipment.

The video by the Crazy Russian Hacker is one in a continuing series of ways to make life easier. This particular video was first posted online on September 11 of this year and in just over two months, it’s garnered more than 2.5 million views.

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