Cops in Georgia Brag on Facebook About Targeting Black Drivers

Cops in Georgia Brag on Facebook About Targeting Black Drivers

Two sheriffs in Georgia have been fired after they were caught making racists posts about black drivers. One of those sheriffs was Deputy Brant Gaither. He stated that he has a dream that one day people will not act like animals.

Deputy Jeremy Owens replied by saying that it will never happen. The two sheriffs went on to admit that they looked forward to going to work and targeting black drivers. They also used a derogatory term to describe black people.

Additionally, the two sheriffs made jokes about domestic violence victims. The men’s post were spotted when another deputy used Jeremy’s computer. Brant Gaither was fired immediately after the posts were discovered. Jeremy Owens resigned. Sheriff Stephen Jassup has commented on the incident. He stated that racism and sexism are two things that he refuses to tolerate. He also stated that he wanted to throw up when he saw the posts.

Sarah Geragthy is an attorney who works for the Southern Center For Human Rights. She conducted an investigation and found that the two sheriffs were actually targeting black motorists. When Brant found out that he was being fired, he admitted that he made a mistake. He also stated that he was joking when he made the offensive posts.

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