Cop Tosses Homeless Mom And Baby Into His Car. Where He Does With Them Next…

Cop Tosses Homeless Mom And Baby Into His Car. Where He Does With Them Next…

When Corporal Che’ Atkinson noticed a woman sitting in the police lobby with several bags and a little girl, he could tell that something was seriously wrong. He went over to talk to the woman, who was reluctant to talk at first, but eventually she started to open up. And her story was a heartbreaking one.

The woman was a victim of a domestic violence – her husband beat her relentlessly. But she and her one year old daughter had nowhere else to go. It was a hostage situation. Eventually she decided the streets would be better than her own home, and took her daughter and left. They were homeless, wandering the streets and trying to get by, but it was a very hard life. She decided that the police station may be her only option.

Corporal Atkinson, moved by the woman’s experience, helped her get ahold of a relative who could help – but they could not come to pick her up for another day. Realizing that the mother and her baby had not eaten for days, and would have to sleep in the station, Corporal Atkinson took action and went beyond the call of duty.

He found a car seat for the little one, and put both girls into his police cruiser. He drove them to a hotel, and got them room for using his own money. Then he drove to the grocery store and bought enough food to last until the next day.

Thanks to Corporal Atkinson’s willingness to spend his own time, money and effort, the woman and her daughter are safe and free and happy once again. We need more police like Che’ Atkinson.

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