Cop Drops For Push-Ups To Calm Agitated Boy With Autism – Creative Police Work

An autistic young man named Bubba was very agitated, and his mother was having no luck calming him down. But she knew Bubba loved police officers. So she sent a call to 911 asking for an officer to come out to her home.

Happy to see the officer, Bubba began to regain control, and then the kind deputy suggested a great way for Bubba to work off some steam. He showed the young man how to do pushups. Soon the two of them were doing pushups together in the driveway, and Bubba was smiling from ear to ear.

The Bradley County, Tennessee, sheriff’s office posted pictures of the encounter on the internet. They wrote, “Dep. Corey Loftis was dispatched to a residence in reference to a boy with autism who was severely agitated. The mother knew ‘Bubba’ loved officers, so she called for a deputy to respond to her house.”

Afterwards, Bubba’s mother Christy Richardson said, “Bubba was laughing before Dep. Loftis left, which at the time I thought was impossible!” But not at all, thanks to the officer’s empathy and compassion. The pictures show Bubba giving the pushups his all, and then grinning happily at his success.

And Bubba’s not half bad at pushups, either. You go, Bubba!

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