Conservative Columnist Says, ‘Trump’s Revolution is Already Almost Over’

Conservative Columnist Says, ‘Trump’s Revolution is Already Almost Over’

Many on the left have been saying for quite some time that Trump had no desire to really fulfill many of his promises. He knew exactly how to rile up his supporters, but ultimately his concern was self-interest rather than doing what the people want him to do.

Now, conservative voices are starting to come on board with this perspective. David French of the conservative National Review made very clear in his December 21st column that he believes the Trump “revolution is already almost over.” Instead, French say, we’re left with a “globalist establishment led by a rogue tweeter.”

Those on the left, as well as more and more conservative voices like French on the right, understand that Trump knew a large population of his would-be voters were gullible and easily swayed. One such campaign promise that excited Trump voters was the promise to “drain the swamp.” In reality, the President-elect appears to be doing the opposite. As French puts it, he is putting “the establishment in charge.”

French ended his Trump tirade by concluding that Trump’s actions will continue to be driven primarily by money and the lines between his business interests and his administration will be very blurry. He concludes that Trump will “likely keep tweeting like a Breitbart blogger, because that has served his political interests beautifully, at least so far.”

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