Congresswoman Launches Petition to Force Trump Into Mental Evaluation – And You Can Sign It!

Congresswoman Launches Petition to Force Trump Into Mental Evaluation – And You Can Sign It!

The United States is clearly in the throws of a very contentious presidential election that has shown no bounds for mudslinging and innuendo. And, now the negative campaign tactics are extending to the candidate surrogates as well. Not only are the gloves off, but the fighters are teaming up. California Democratic House of Representatives member and assistant minority whip Karen Bass has recently circulated a petition online requesting signatures from individuals who support her drive to have Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump evaluated for mental instability. Indeed, Donald Trump has made the same reference to Hillary Clinton using specific issues as a basis.

The petition from Bass could easily be viewed as no more than a publicity stunt, as there is no legal avenue that can require any presidential candidate to undergo psychological evaluation. If this were a valid request there should also be consideration for the mental evaluation of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton with respect to a mental predisposition as a pathological liar. Contrary to popular belief, lying to the public by politicians is not an acceptable right of passage, regardless of any political concept of Noble Lie Theory, and the American people are sick and tired of the practice. The number of documented cases where Hillary has tap-danced around the truth is extensive, let alone the statements that were absolutely provable as untruthful. This has clearly been an indication from Donald Trump prior to the issuance of this signature request from Bass, as his favorite nickname for Clinton is Crooked Hillary based on these documentation facts, including statements to Congress regarding her official acts as Secretary of State.

Based on several candid statements made by the Republican candidate concerning his personal business success and ability to hammer out business agreements, there could be an assumption that he does have a significant grandiose view of himself. This is termed narcissism in the mental health field when there is little evidence to support personal adoration. Many people exhibit characteristics of the perceived disorder, including anyone who ever pursued political office. But, the notion that Trump has an unrealistic compulsive mental disorder concerning his business prowess and personality could easily be determined as far-fetched.

Personal confidence in one’s own ability and validated mental disorders are too completely separate issues. Mental disorders of narcissism stem from unfounded reasons for personal greatness held by the disabled individual. Trump’s business successes are easily supported by documentation surrounding his financial endeavors and the brick-and-mortar proof is well-founded as well. The fact that Trump has brought his own personal list of talking points to the election is also another frustration of the establishment politicians on both sides of the isle, as Trump indicates he will be no where near as willing to follow his financial puppeteer orders as he indicates Hillary Clinton will clearly do.

The Trump position on the Clinton Campaign and the Clinton Foundation as well is that Hillary will say anything to increase her numbers, including lying directly to the American electorate. Her position on the Trans Pacific Partnership is a shining example, as she stated while campaigning against Bernie Sanders that she had just recently read it when there is ample evidence to prove that she actually was central to the development of the controversial treaty as Secretary of State. Not only had she read it, she may very well have introduced the onerous proposals that make the secret treaty so controversial. Trump has stated straight out that he will not sign it. Clinton has tap-danced mightily on the secret TPP.

Physical health issues are easily acceptable as situations that the U.S. electorate fears when voting on a presidential candidate, but the move by Bass addressed at the mental health of a presidential candidate during her current reelection campaign could very well come home to roost. In fact, there have been instances in the recent past that indicate that Clinton could very well even have some serious physical health problems, along with being a compulsive “truth avoider” as many politicians have been proven. This petition from Rep. Karen Bass could be a roll of the dice in an election year. Maybe Rep. Bass should focus more on her seat, and less on Donald Trump’s head.

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