Congressman Ted Lieu Rips Trump: “Navy SEAL Would Still Be Alive if You Tweeted Less”

Congressman Ted Lieu Rips Trump: “Navy SEAL Would Still Be Alive if You Tweeted Less”

Since the strange and horrifying anointment of Donald Trump to the American presidency, he has demonstrated, time and again his inability, ineptitude, and disinterest in being capable of actually doing the job. When the media reports negative facts about him, or calls him out on his lies he returns by calling them ‘fake news’. And his Rasputin-like advisor, Steve Bannon, has made it very clear that their administration’s primary party of opposition is not the liberals, it is the media. Which is intensely dangerous for the people of the United States – dismantling the media and the free press is always the first step in creating a propagandist regime.

And now, the insensitive actions of Trump led directly to the death of US Navy SEAL, William ‘Ryan’ Owens.

Congressman Ted Lieu of California believes that Trump would be more effective as a president if he didn’t focus on Twitter so much, and he points to the recently botched Yemen raid in which Owens was killed. Lieu responded on the very platform that Trump overuses, tweeting that he thought Trump could have prevented casualties during the raid if he took his position with the level of seriousness it requires.

The congressman tweeted his responses to Trump in the wake of the father of the fallen SEAL, Bill Owens, coming forward to the Miami Herald to make a statement about Trump and the raid that led to his son’s death. Trump ordered the raid less than a week into his presidency, and many believe there was no way the president was fully briefed on all aspects of the mission before ordering it to be carried out. Bill Owens also called for an official investigation into the failure of the raid.

The Navy SEAL was the only American casualty during the raid on January 28th. But there were also 29 civilian deaths, which is absoloutly unacceptable for a raid that was merely meant to learn about future terror plots and to confiscate tech from the enemy. When questioned about the raid, military officials said

‘Everything went wrong’.

Trump regularly uses Twitter to insult and degrade those who either disagree or stand up to him, attacks that are not limited to individuals. He has attacked entities such as Nordstrom for pulling his daughter’s product line from their shelves, and he attacked the entire cast of Hamilton for a statement of inclusion directed at Mike Pence, who was present at the show.

Donald Trump has already pushed forward with the Dakota Access Pipeline, which was a major point of contention during the months leading up to the election. in doing so he showed the American people that he is completely ignoring the sacrifices of our native citizens, who just wanted to protect their water and sacred land.

Trump also famously signed an executive order banningthe travel of Muslims from seven Muslim countries. Indeed, no one from any of the seven countries listed on the travel ban have ever attacked United States citizens on United States soil. And the ban leaves out several other middle eastern, Muslim-majority countries (like Saudi Arabia) whom Trump has business deals with…

The issues connecting the Russians and the Trump administration are just starting to reach the public eye, and that connection could prove to be much more important than many realize. It is well-known that Trump has the personality of a petulant child expecting to constantly get his way, and that sort of personality is quite easy to manipulate with the proper techniques. Perhaps the Russians are playing on those weaknesses.

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