Child Undergoes Double Hand Transplant – “The Best Part Is Hugging my Mom”

The first child to have a double hand transplant is doing things today that he has only dreamed of being able to do in life. Zion Harvey got a rough start to life when a disease meant losing both of his hands as well as his legs just below the knees.

Even though Harvey wasn’t like most children, he didn’t let the absence of the limbs prevent him from enjoying life. He smiled every day and helped others as much as possible.

Last year, Harvey was the first child to have a double hand transplant. A video has been made that documents Harvey’s surgery and his life now. It’s been 13 months since the transplant was done, and the young boy thinks that the best thing that he can do with his hands is to hug his mother.

He is a sweet young man who has been through a lot in life, but he can now live a little more like normal. There haven’t been any setbacks with the hands, and they work just like his natural hands would by allowing him to hold objects. Harvey is able to do more things that he ever imagined, such as play with his brother and sister.

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