Calls Made By Trump’s To Obama Just Leaked – And They Are Fantastic

Conan O’Brien is one of the funniest men on late-night TV. His popular show Conan on TBS has been entertaining viewers around the world since 2010. O’Brien shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. His skits are only getting more and more popular as the years go on, especially after his clips are released on the video-sharing website YouTube.

One such skit that’s getting plenty of attention right now involves President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump. Many people around the nation wonder what Obama and Trump could have possibly talked about behind closed doors. Well, Conan O’Brien says he and his team have the answer.

O’Brien told his audience that a “White House spokesman has confirmed that President Obama and Trump have been talking regularly.” O’Brien then went on to say that he got his hands on the audio from these calls. “Don’t giggle,” O’Brien yelled, “this is real.”

In the first call, Donald Trump asks Barack Obama about the policy for receiving gifts. Trump goes on to say that he was just offered a tiger as a gift from Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin. Obama tells Trump he shouldn’t accept gifts from Putin, but Trump says he already accepted the tiger. Apparently Trump just wanted to know where to keep the tigers at the White House. Obama says he never had a tiger, to which Trump responds “that’s nuts.”

We can hear Donald Trump breathing heavily on the phone in the second call. After Obama asks if Trump is speaking or not, Trump says he was just “tying his shoe.”

In the third call, Donald Trump has some problems with how candy manufacturers have been selling different candy bars. Trump says a Milky Way is just a Snickers without peanuts, and a Three Musketeers is just a Milky Way without caramel. In order to address this issue, Trump suggests creating a Secretary of Candy Bars.

In another phone call, Donald Trump tells President Obama that he’s on speakerphone. When Obama asks who Trump is with, he says his wife Melania. Trump then tells Melania to say, “Hi,” but Melania just says, “Please help me.”

The next phone call suggests Trump may be backing down on building a wall between the USA and Mexico. He tells Obama that the border with Mexico is “really long” and he doesn’t know if he can actually build a physical wall. Trump then suggests putting up a force field like in the popular sci-fi movie Star Wars. After mentioning Star Wars, Trump takes a moment to praise the maligned character Jar Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace. In Trump’s opinion, Binks was actually a good character.

Finally, in the last call, Donald Trump tries to put a hit on Cuba’s former dictator Fidel Castro. Obama tells Trump that he can’t kill Castro because Castro is already dead. Trump then assumes Obama “whacked” Castro, saying that Obama acted in such a “New York” fashion.

This video has already over one million views on YouTube, and it’s growing by the hour. If you are anti-Trump, this video is sure to make you giggle.

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