Bush Family Member Abandons GOP To Support Hillary Clinton For President

Bush Family Member Abandons GOP To Support Hillary Clinton For President

One of the most fascinating aspects of the 2016 presidential election has been seeing many key members of both the Republican and Democrat party break away from their party’s main goals. Even after Hillary Clinton’s candidacy was announced, many Democratic politicians continued to support and endorse Bernie Sanders. However, while the Democrats managed to unite once Clinton was elected as their party’s candidate, the Republicans have continued to fracture after it became clear that Donald Trump was the chosen Republican candidate.

Instead of standing by their party and endorsing the Republican candidate, more and more Republicans are actually coming out with their support of Clinton instead. In a truly shocking turn of events, former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush both refused to endorse Trump. Instead, they have both made it clear that they will be voting for Clinton in the November of 2016 election. Now yet another member of the Bush family, who is considered by many to be the key political family in the Republican party, has shown her support for Clinton.

In a tweet by Barbara Bush Pierce, she shows her support for Clinton to her many followers. The image pictures Barbara standing next to Huma Abedin, with a caption reading “We’re with her!” Abedin is a Clinton aide who is considered particularly essential to the Clinton campaign. If Barbara is busy networking with Clinton aides and is willing to tweet about them, she is clearly showing that she does not approve of the Trump campaign. The picture was taken at a HIllary Clinton fundraiser in Paris which Barbara Bush Pierce was evidently attending.

The tweet quickly started stirring up controversy among the Republican party. After posting, the pictures were briefly removed and the captions were changed. Now it just mentions something vague about “Americans in Paris!” and tries to sidestep any political commentary. However, it now seems like the Tweet is back up again. Though the Republicans may not appreciate Barbara Bush Pierce leaving their party, she is joining the ranks of many others who cannot stomach the idea of a Trump presidency.

If this trend continues, Trump may find himself without the strong Republican support that he needs to win this election. Even though the Republican party is known for being very stubborn and attached to their ideologies at the expense of the nation, they do not seem to be willing to go as far as Trump. Many Republican senators have spoken out for Clinton, and even some Republican newspapers that have not endorsed a Democrat for over 100 years are choosing to endorse Clinton.

Trump seems to rapidly be losing votes from Hispanic and female voters after his many offensive comments, so all he really has left is very conservative, white males. However, most of the voters in this demographic really look up to the Bush family which has spawned two Republican presidents and many other Republican senators, governors, and politicians. If every member of this key political family refuses to endorse or vote for Trump, it could damage Trump’s campaign even more than all of the targeted attacks from the Democrats.

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