Bus Driver Missed A Turn. Students SHOCKED To Discover What’s Wrong With Her!

When students are on a bus from school to go home, most parents feel that they are safe. A bus driver missed a turn she was supposed to make. The students tried to figure out why, and when they learned what was wrong with the driver, they were shocked.

The students were on a bus in New York, thinking that they would make it home like any other day. Two of the older students who were on the bus noticed that the driver had been drinking. All of the children on the bus yelled at her to stop, but she seemed to not hear them or was just too intoxicated to care.

When the driver finally did stop the bus, officers determined that her blood alcohol content was 1.5. She ended up spending time in jail and being on house arrest and probation after she was released. The students might have had a different ending if it wasn’t for two girls on the bus who managed to get the driver under control.

One of the girls opens the emergency door at the back of the bus so that everyone can get off. The other one comforts the younger students until help arrives.

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