Bullies Call His Twin Sister Fat, So He Writes THIS Letter To Santa. What It Says? I’m Crying!

Karen Suffern is a mother who does it all by herself. She relies on part-time employment to feed and care for her young family. Because of that, it can often be extremely difficult for her to run the household and take care of everything. Suffern one day in September requested that her two 8 year-old kids Kyle and Amber pen a note to Santa Claus. Although Christmas was still months away, Suffern thought it was important to ask the young twins to communicate with Old Saint Nick then. Suffern wished to begin saving money to purchase her children gifts months in advance.

Suffern anticipated two lists chock-full of toys. She never expected to read what Kyle penned about Amber, however. When she read Kyle’s letter, it actually made her weep. He told Santa that a helicopter and remote control car were on his holiday wish list. He also said, however, that he actually no longer really desired those things. What he truly longed for was for the children at his school to stop bullying his beloved sister. He wrote that the bullying is unjust and uncalled for because Amber never bothers the kids who harass her. Kyle said that he’s been praying for the bullying to cease. He said that since God has a lot on his plate, he could use some assistance from Santa Claus in ending the bullying, however. He also asked if it would be OK for Santa to provide him with the early gift of ending the bullying forever.

Kyle truly loves his sister. He even said he’d take the harassment for his sister if it was possible. The letter deeply affected Suffern and made her feel very sad. The mother also went through bullying when she was a youngster. As a result, she’s fully aware of how traumatic and upsetting it can be for impressionable children.

Suffern approached Amber soon after she read the letter. She wanted to find out if Amber was willing to discuss the school harassment with her. Young Amber opened up to her and said that she often wants to die just so she can get away from her tormentors. Naturally, it really upset Suffern to hear these words.

Although Amber has to deal with bullying at school, she’s extremely lucky in one aspect, and that’s a major understatement. She has an amazing brother who will do anything he can to defend her no matter what. Thankfully, Suffern alerted the school to what has been going on. She obviously has been extremely concerned. The school notified her that they’re going to begin doing more to prevent the harassment from continuing in the future.

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