BREAKING: Violence Erupting At Nevada Democratic Convention Between Sanders and Clinton Supporters

In 2008, Hillary Clinton felt like the White House is hers to repossess, but as the President, not the First Lady. Then, Barack Obama had upset her. But, this year the Oval Office must be hers, yet Bernie Sanders keeps on, frustrating her efforts.

There’s little chance Bernie will get the nomination. And if he runs on his own, the Oval Office will go to Donald Trump. Hysteric Hillary supporters have thrown millions of dollars into super PACs intended to benefit Hillary Clinton, often by attacking Mr. Trump.

But, who could have thought that the supporters of Bernie and Hillary will clash? This, indeed, just happened. During recent Nevada Democratic Convention, Bernie Sanders’ supporters demanded a delegate recount.

The Bernie supporters got quite angry over last-minute rule changes that they felt show the system is rigged in favor of the establishment candidates. Anger and even violence broke out.

This year’s elections are going to get tougher with Trump facing Clinton. Trump likes to stir controversy, he’s already referring to Mrs. Clinton as “crooked Hillary.” Perhaps, there will be a third and independent candidate, and who known, Bernie Sanders could be the one.

As it looks, these are not only the Republicans whose camp is split. Now, the divisions have arrived within the Democratic circles.

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