BREAKING: Major Vote Counting Error In Democratic Primary Discovered, Sanders Picks Up Delegates

It was discovered that the Colorado Democratic Party misreported the results of 10 different precincts counted in their caucus. This is good news for supporters of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who will now pick up an extra delegate while Hillary Clinton will lose one.

The Democratic Party had already known about this reporting error, as had the Hillary Clinton campaign, but Sanders’s campaign and Democratic voters were both unaware of the issue until the Denver Post released the information.

Not having all the facts, the press largely anticipated a Clinton majority victory of Colorado’s delegates because she appeared to have the support of those Democratic leaders who have super delegate status.

This reporting error until corrected had reduced his margin of victory by almost four percent. Whereas initially it appeared that Hillary and Bernie had obtained the same number of delegates, with three each, after the error was corrected Bernie had five and Hillary had only three.

With public knowledge of this error, allegations of fraud have been levied at the Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio along with calls for him to resign. He has responded by stating that, “It was basically a reporting error on caucus night.” He also diverted blame the blame onto a Denver volunteer, suggesting that the issue was a reporting error.

As of March 1st, the Democratic party’s official website listed Bernie Sanders as having won 54% and Hillary Clinton as having won 45%. With the data corrected, the numbers now show Bernie as having won 56.5% and Hillary Clinton as having won 43%.

While the Sanders campaign claims to have had no knowledge of this error, Palacio insists that both of the campaigns were e-mailed the information. He also continued to remind Democrats that correcting the data does not mean that Hillary has lost any support.

Palacio has additionally remarked that the issue was limited to a single caucus site, and that the volunteer who was dialing in the data must have encountered some issue causing the numbers to be reported differently. He contends that the official numbers were correct and that only the reported ones were wrong.

Bernie Sanders’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, said that the Sanders campaign was happy to see that they won by a larger margin, as every little bit helps at the Democratic National Convention when the party has to pick which candidate is most likely to beat the Republican nominee. He added that he found it very disturbing that the campaign was not informed of the error.

Palacio later responded to this by saying that the Sanders campaign was not informed because he believed it didn’t effect them.

Ultimately, Sanders received 60% of the state’s popular vote.

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