BREAKING: Hillary Hints That She Might Choose Bernie Sanders as Vice-Pres Running Mate…

Hillary Clinton has hinted that she may consider Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders as a running mate were she to clinch the party’s presidential nomination. Various statements by Clinton in a recent interview seem to hint that she has not ruled out asking her current competitor for the Democratic nomination.

“I see a great role and opportunity for him and his supporters to be part of that unified party, to move into not just November to win the election against Donald Trump, but to then govern based on the progressive goals that he and I share.”

This was just one of many comments that have liberals wondering what Hillary has in mind for the future.

Although the two candidates share some radically different ideals, the benefits of a unified Democratic Party can not be underestimated in this election. Following the dropping out of Republican candidate Ted Cruz after Indiana’s primary, Republicans are dealing with a deeply divided voting base. Many Republicans feel the party no longer identifies with their ideals, and the #NeverTrump posts have been rampant on social media.

The only way for the Dems to capitalize on this, however, is with a unified front in the upcoming November election. Many passionate Bernie supporters have pledged to cast their votes elsewhere should Hillary gain the party’s nomination. A Hillary-Bernie ticket could serve to appease many of these voters, leaving the party’s voting base intact.

The two candidates have previously criticized one another on issues ranging from Hillary’s ties to Wall Street to Bernie’s inability to be a “Moderate.” Though the candidates do not see eye to eye on all issues, both believe fundamentally in ideas such as socialized healthcare and some domestic policy.

Most importantly, both candidates believe that their opposition, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, is a far greater threat than their competition within the Democratic Party. Trump, who has continually isolated various voter demographics through a string of colorful public remarks, continues to pose a formidable threat in the polls. This threat has led to Hillary and Bernie both committing to their own version of #NeverTrump. Hillary made clear in a recent comment that the two Democratic hopefuls were united in the hopes to stop Trump.

“But I was very heartened to hear him say last week that he is going to work seven days a week to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t become president. And I want to unify the party.”

It is unclear as of yet if there is any truth to the rumor of a Sanders running mate. As Bernie supporters seem to remain eternally hopeful that his campaign will make a turn for the better in the few remaining states, it seems a bit premature to discuss the possibility yet. However, as the Democratic Convention draws ever more near, Dems continue to keep a watchful eye on every move of both candidates.

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