Boy Throws A Wild Tantrum At Restaurant – Then A Stranger Hands THIS To Mom, It’s Going Viral!

Most parents would agree that taking a child to a restaurant can be difficult. Ashley is the mother of an eight year-old boy who has special needs. Taking him in any public place is difficult for Ashley. Ashley’s son, Riley, threw a temper tantrum at a restaurant one day. He was screaming, throwing food and hitting things. Ashley was quite embarrassed.

Ashley could tell that some people in the restaurant were getting bothered. When she saw a waitress walk up to her table, she assumed that the waitress was going to complain. However, something unexpected happened. The waitress had tears in her eyes and handed Ashley a note. The waitress also told Ashley that another customer had paid for the meal.

The note had a very simple, but touching message. It said “God only gives special children to special people.” Ashley stated that she was going through a difficult time, and the note was exactly what she needed. Ashley decided to share her story, and it quickly went viral.

She does not know who wrote the note, but she hopes that they will see the response she gave them. She posted a picture of Riley holding a sign that said “Dear Stranger, thank you for seeing the good in me and showing me love.”

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