Bombshell Audio Leaked: Trump Admits He Gets “Along With Putin Well”

There is no doubt that it is one of the most bizarre—and potentially hazardous—bromances of all time. Ever since he first started his campaign, former reality star Donald J. Trump has expressed repeated praise for controversial Russian leader Vladimir Putin. It should be noted that Putin is a former KGB operative who has been accused of a whole host of seedy activities, including covering up murders. Obviously, it is these kinds of reputation issues that have caused many Americans to become concerned about the strange alliance.

When questioned about the relationship, Trump has often deflected and then claimed that he has never met Putin. However, audio has recently surfaced in which Trump alleges the opposite. Recorded in October of 2015, Trump’s appearance on Savage Nation is currently generating some bad buzz.

When asked whether or not he had ever met Putin, Trump tells the host that he has, in fact, met with the Russian leader. He then goes on to say that the two men got along very well. This statement flies in the face of everything else Trump has said about the relationship, and it does seem that there would be ample opportunity for the two to meet. Among many other possible connections, Putin has had a rumored dalliance with Wendi Deng, who is one of Ivanka Trump’s closest confidants.

With allegations now emerging that Trump’s campaign may have been colluding with the Russians, it seems more timely than ever that Americans would want Trump to explain, once and for all, whether or not he actually made the acquaintance of Vladimir Putin. The fact that former aide Paul Manafort may have pronounced ties to Russia, along with Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, means that this situation cannot be investigated thoroughly enough.

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