Blind Mother Gets An Ultrasound, And The Doctor Has An Amazing Soloution

Nearly all expectant mothers are anxious to see what their newborn babies are going to look like. At least during the ultrasound they get to catch a glimpse of their little ones and get an idea of what features they may have.

For a blind mother, it is a bit more difficult. Without her sight, she would have to wait until the baby arrived and she could feel the features to understand how her baby looks. One mother in Brazil, 30-year-old Tatiana Guerra, understood those struggles. Tatiana has been blind for more than half her life and is used to having to use her hands to “see” for her now.

Tatiana is a blind mother who is expecting a son that she can’t wait to hold in her arms and feel his face. Thanks to a surprise from the diaper brand Huggies, and her doctor, she did not have to wait until he was born to do so. During one of her regular ultrasound check-ups, her doctor presented her with a surprise.

He asked his patient if she were able to touch her unborn son Murilo, would that let her know what he is like. After saying yes, the doctor presented her with a printed 3-D ultrasound of her son so that the new mother could feel all the features that she could not see on the screen.

It was a beautiful moment for everyone in the room – check it out!

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