Bindi Irwin Gets a Perfect Score Dancing With The Stars – This Routine Is An Iconic Classic!

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the famous crocodile hunter and conservationist Steve Irwin, has surprised audience members throughout this season on “Dancing With the Stars”. Her dance moves and highly scored performances hit home with fans of the show.

During the first week of competition, Bindi and her dance partner, Derek Hough, amazed judges and audience members with a performance of “Crocodile Rock,” which she dedicated to her father. Though many people weren’t surprised that the judges found their performance sentimental, she and her partner shocked nearly everyone when it viewrs realized that the duo had a very real chance of winning.

Irwin and Hough received a highly rare perfect score this week on the dancing competition show. The stirring performance of the song “Time of My Life,”  was amazing to watch. Reminiscent of the final dance from the movie “Dirty Dancing“, the duo preformed an incredibly difficult and iconic movie dance.

One of the professional dancers of the show, Penny, admitted how difficult it is to land the final lift in particular. And apparently Irwin and Hough landed it perfectly – earning them their flawless score.

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