Bill Nye Goes On CNN — Calls Out Their Climate-Denying Meteorologist

Popular scientist and television personality Bill Nye is making headlines around the country. This time, Americans are talking about “the Science Guy” for his jab at Chad Myers, a weather correspondent with CNN. Myers has been a major critic of scientists who support the idea that the Earth’s climate is changing, even having gone on the record as accusing those scientists of corruption. On Tuesday, Nye visited the CNN news program New Day and took a jab at Myers, saying

“And you know, here at CNN you have, essentially, a climate change denier meteorologist. Knock yourselves out, but this is a big problem and it’s not going to go away.”

While Nye did not mention Myers by name, the criticism was clearly directed at the CNN weather reporter.

Nye visited New Day to provide a scientific commentary of the recent flooding in Louisiana, which has displaced thousands of residents and cost millions of dollars in property damage. When host Chris Como asked Nye what caused the flooding and what could be done to prevent it in the future, Nye laid the blame directly on climate change, responding that,

“For us on my side of this, this is a result of climate change. It’s only going to get worse.”

Nye explained that due to climate change, the oceans were expanding, causing water levels to rise. This puts communities below sea level, such as New Orleans, in danger of flooding. Nye recommended that climate change could be combated through the adoption of renewable forms of energy rather than the use of fossil fuels. Nye pointed out that some organizations, such as The Solutions Project, are already making headway in convincing government and business leaders to transition to clean forms of energy.

While Nye mainly spoke on how climate change was damaging the planet during his visit to New Day, he also discussed how the phenomenon was hurting society as well. Using the Louisiana floods as an example, Nye called attention to the fact that those communities harmed by the flood would probably experience a rise in criminal activity from looters and other individuals who prey on people in such a vulnerable situation. Nye further pointed out that many residents displaced by the flooding would also face unemployment and finding ways to meet basic needs.

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