Biker Notices Something Bizarre In The Sky. What He Sees Makes Him Loose His Breath

Strange humming noises. Weird objects seen flying in the sky. Chemtrails. Strange light shows around the world. Is God real – Could they be signs from God? Perhaps they are all government or military experiments. Maybe aliens.

Whatever these strange occurances may be, there is no shortage of photographs and videos on the internet these days. A biker in Indiana saw a strange phenomenon in the sky and jumped aboard the “film it” bandwagon, as the video shows.

These amazing lightshow, however, is explainable by science (sorry, folks!).

The biker has captured film footage of a very rare phenomenon called a crown flash. NASA explained that a crown flash is a weather occurance that takes place during a thunderstorm. Lightning strikes shift the electric field above the clouds. This field is actually made of geometric ice crystals. When the lightning strikes, these crystals are suddenly rearranged.

Crown flashes are rare because there is often not enough sunlight to illuminate the crystals.

If you saw the video without an accompanying explanation, what would you think? Aliens? Angels or a sign from God? Perhaps the clouds are playing flashlight tag in the sky with the birds or each other. Regardless, this captured video of a crown flash is truly an amazing sight!

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