Betty White Won The Super Bowl Before It Even Started

Just when it seems like legendary comedienne Betty White can’t possibly surprise us with any more brilliance, she does something hilarious and amazing once again. This time around, it was her genius interpretation of the “dab”— Carolina quarterback Cam Newton’s signature dance move— and it has everybody talking.

The 94-year-old actress appeared in the Super Bowl opening, showing off her dab in a piece that was directed by Ron Howard. It featured several well-known stars talking about the most memorable Super Bowl moments. Although the clip featured other big-name stars, such as Bon Jovi and John Travolta, it was Ms. White that upstaged everyone with her perfect, well-performed dance moves.

The nonagenarian wasn’t shy about promoting her performance, either. In a hilarious tweet, she even claimed responsibility for showing Cam Newton how it’s done. “I taught @CameronNewton everything he knows,” Betty bragged. However, it should be noted that this wasn’t the first time Betty White has made a memorable Super Bowl appearance.

A few years back, it was a Snickers Super Bowl commercial that put her on the map once again, jump-starting yet another comeback for the beloved star. Although Newton was undoubtedly disappointed by his team’s performance at the big game, at least he had the honor of getting a shout-out from one of America’s greatest treasures.

Betty White Won The Super Bowl Before It Even Started

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