Because of Donald Trump, US Troops are Losing Daycare for Their Children

Because of Donald Trump, US Troops are Losing Daycare for Their Children

Many of the United States’ military troops rely on daycare services while they are working so that their children have a safe place to stay during the day. But thanks to Donald Trump, that necessary service is at stake. Families in Fort Knox, Kentucky, may have to find other solutions for childcare after receiving notices from Trump’s Federal Government, indicating that NO new children would be allowed to enroll in the child daycare program moving forward.

The notice is mainly for those who use the childcare on an hourly or part-time basis, but there are full-time parents who rely on the care as well. And the Kentucky families weren’t the only one to receive this surprising notice: families in Germany are also losing these daycare services and assistance.

On top of not allowing any new children to enroll, there is a ‘federal hiring freeze’, which doesn’t allow for new teachers or workers to be hired by the daycare to help with the children. The freeze is because of a direct order issued by President Trump in late January. No new people will be hired on any federal level for 90 days.

This means that there are businesses and organizations that won’t get the help that is needed until the order is lifted. So, thanks to President Trump, there are parents in the military who don’t have a way to provide the care that their children need so that they can work.

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